Hence both of us are masters of all and jacks of none in own fields of arts, I figured we needed a website. Opps I think it is other way around jack of all master of none. And voile! Here it is! After long search of names for the site and checking availability finally the name was found. Evo - evolutionary, artia - art. The artia is an exchange for landia. We shall be adding all sorts of art forms into this website. Starting from images, fairytales, stories, maybe tutorials on 3D modeling as well texture makings and so on and on. Not sure how much of all that we will be able to stuff in here but that’s the plan. Of course plans can be changed!. So welcome, welcome to evoartia! Have fun poking around. Granted at the moment there is not much to see but hey start is a start. Oh, by the way, there is only two local residents in evoartia for the moment and even two mayors! And we shall work hard to pretty up this place.

Hang tight folks!